SEO (Website promotion in the TOP)

       The basic rule of modern business: “Just being cool isn’t enough – you need to be known. “

       We know how to get search engines to “talk” only to you – to recommend everyone is your site and your product.

       We have no secret or secret of success – only professionalism and creative approach!
Knowing the basics of SEO, we promote sites in the top Google search engines and Yandex.
As well as promoting the channel on the YouTube network.
Using a step-by-step algorithm to advance the internal and external
optimization, absolutely any site will be in the TOP.
       If you are not seen on the Internet, then you simply do not exist.
SEO promotion is a solid foundation for sales and the key to any business success,
be it B2C or B2B.

       Trust our SEO pros who will introduce you to the entire internet!

Domain and Hosting Choice

Choosing a domain for a website that delivers business on the Internet is one of the most important tasks facing the company. The domain must be selected in such a way that it meets the technical requirements of the domain zone and was easy to use.

This task is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Because there are many domain zones, it is difficult to estimate how much web resource will grow.

Based on your experience, SELECTOR.SPACE specialists will help you and orient you in this matter.

We undertake registration of the domain name, sending it to the hosting, hosting, hosting of the site, setting up corporate mail using the domain name.

Hosting is a server repository where your site will be located, that is, its files and database will be located. We have our servers, which are already configured and ready to work around the clock, so that your potential customers have the opportunity to get the necessary information at a convenient time for them. Configuring, updating, administering and managing the server is controlled 24/7. You pay only for hosting a monthly or longer term – as convenient.

So, trust the professionals with SELECTOR.SPACE to work on the name, placement, design, development and promotion of your business on the Internet.

Configure a Hosted Server (VPS)

We suggest hosting sites on VPS hosting – when a separate server is allocated for the site, the resources of which work only for the benefit of your site and are completely controlled by our administrators. Crackers, viruses or similar nasty things with this approach do not threaten and the site runs 24/7 on modern software. 
Additionally, does the site require corporate mail?
Need a separate network repository to store corporate information?
Need to post information that will only be available to your employees?
Need all the company’s resources to work continuously from any device?
All needs are met by the SELECTOR.SPACE + servers. You get round-the-clock technical support from our specialists, whether in correspondence or chat mode, either by phone or in person.

Website Optimization

A properly optimized site ready for easy viewing on all devices with different extensions, ready to be promoted by SEO and SMM specialists – gives the expected result.
We optimize your site for the following metrics:
– Google Insights
– GTMetrix;
– maximum download speed with minimum time;
– Adaptability to the screens of any device (tablet or TV, small phone or projector)


People spend most of their day on social networks. We will arouse their interest and interest in your product or service.
If in SEO we work for search “robots”, then in this approach we “bring” to you people – potential clients for business development.

Site support

 A site is a set of mechanisms that drive it. These mechanisms evolve over time and receive updates that need to be implemented on the site – for security or functionality.
This also applies to server (hosting), plugins, modules and other “accessories”. The site requires constant “care” and control, we provide monitoring and timely intervention on the site around the clock, unnoticed for you and visitors.

Setting up mail for business

– Need a corporate mail with your business name?
– Already have a website but no mail for employees?
– Are you worried about the confidentiality of the information in the correspondence because the “mail giants” hack is occurring more and more often?
– Do you lose your information after everyone is released?
Then all you have to do is contact us! You will receive:
– own mail server that works only for your company’s mail needs;
– protection of mail (letters, contacts, documents, etc.) is protected at the present level;
– unlimited creation of mailboxes for company employees;
– access mail from any device with the Internet;
– 24/7 customer support for any mail issues.

Repair and adjustment of computer equipment

  • Not starting a computer or laptop?
  • You see an error on the screen and your favorite program is not working properly?
  • Wondering which laptop to choose? Is It Possible To Have A Personal Computer?
  • Have you bought a brand new laptop or computer and need to set it up for enjoyable work and entertainment?

Then to us! All issues will be resolved in a short time and on convenient terms.

Tech support

  • Need help with individual programs or your computer?
  • Need to configure the Internet and network?
  • Something happened and the laptop takes a long time to load?
  • Need phone or tablet setup?
  • Do you need a master at home?

We are 24/7 online and ready to assist you with any questions you may have with your computer and gadgets.