Creating a “corporate site”

     A corporate site is an important element in the communication system and makes it possible not only to convey information about your company to potential customers, but it can also serve as a highly effective advertising platform.
     The main advantage of a corporate site over other information channels and advertising media:

  • Analysis capabilities and dynamic focusing systems that no single type of advertising can provide.
  • Rapid response to changes in the economy, the level of competition and other external and internal factors.
  • The possibility of interactive interaction with your target audience and, accordingly, the ability to quickly make the necessary business development decisions.

     When creating a corporate website, we try to adhere to these rules. There are not so many of them and they are simple, but their observance significantly increases the success of the corporate site:

  • The corporate site must be designed in accordance with the company’s corporate style.

     This rule is standard for large companies, but medium and small companies do not always follow it, although it is very important for them.
     The company’s promotion on the market is made up of a number of factors and not least is the recognition of the attributes of its corporate identity.

    The logo, corporate colors, slogans – all this works on the recognition of the company and the formation of associative rows for potential customers.
     Therefore, if your company does not have a developed corporate identity, we can create a corporate identity for you along with the site.

  • In the corporate site should be clear and understandable structure.

     When forming a task for creating a corporate site, the first thing to start with is a serious study of the precise structure of the site, its sections and information blocks.
     Based on our experience, we recommend to begin with to decide what tasks your corporate website will perform – direct sales, information about the company itself or the presentation of goods or services.

     To solve these problems, a different structure can be formed, and when creating the concept of a corporate site, attention is focused on certain information blocks.

  • The corporate site should be easily accessible.

     Here it is necessary to clarify the term availability of the site. The site should open quickly even on low-speed Internet channels.
This rule imposes certain restrictions that must be considered when developing a site.
     First, the corporate site, whose main task, reporting information, can not be overloaded with graphics.

     Secondly, the visitor who got on the site should be able to get information immediately, from the first page of the site. This means that when creating a corporate website, it is better to exclude an empty main page with a graphic splash screen. After all, the visitor comes to receive information about the company, its products and services, and not to admire the graphic design.
     There are, however, exceptions. If your company is engaged in printing, providing design services or working in the field of graphic advertising, it may be a beautiful screen saver and will make sense.

  • Corporate site should be able to develop

     As time goes on, the situation on the market changes, new opportunities appear and your website should be able to change without interruptions. Pages with the words “site under renovation” look, to put it mildly, undignified. Therefore, we use a site management system that allows you to change the structure of the site, add information blocks and additional modules without processing the entire site and stopping its work.
     The cost of developing the site depends on the tasks that it must perform. There is no average development price.
     You can order the site from the specialists of our company simply by contacting us in a convenient way. – (our contacts, phone, telegrams, skype and mail).

Price from 6000hrn.