Specialists SELECTOR.SPACE already have their own space on the Internet, which will easily place your web resource, if it already exists. Qualified administrators will configure the server exactly for the needs of the resource and provide round-the-clock support for its correct operation. Servers are based on operating systems Linux, so the customer will not have to pay even for the program part of the server, the fee is made only for hosting and work on it (if necessary).

       If you are not online yet, and you want to grow your business and increase the base of clients, then we will select the necessary hosting and place it on our servers.

       Throughout the life of the site, we follow its work around the clock – we make the necessary updates or edits, which in the present world appear often and play an important role in the work of the site. When migrating to our servers of the resource, we optimize it for the fastest possible work, which plays an important role for customers to find you in the internet.