Creating an “information portal”

       The most important thing for a media site, whether a newspaper or magazine, is the convenience of posting and submitting information. Because people visit it just in order to receive information, to a large extent the success of your project depends on how you can easily and qualitatively place and update it.

       The site will receive the following features:

  • Simple and easy to use for journalists. You do not need to know any basics of programming or web development, any user can easily post news with text, photos and videos, enough skills to work with a text editor. You can also create a photo gallery or a selection of videos in a couple of clicks. No need to compress high-quality photos and videos, while downloading, they will be automatically compressed to the required dimensions without losing quality.
  • There is an opportunity not only to traditionally break the materials into sections, but also to create and unite materials on one topic, which will allow visitors to easily read the collections according to their preferences. There may be many things, you can add them to any article, section or photo. Now you can combine materials into groups that make searching on the site more convenient.
  • For all comments and discussions, the author of the article will receive a message, with the ability to make pre-moderation and post-moderation of messages.
  • Present integration with social networks (Fscebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • It is possible to provide the rights of the journalist and editor’s rights, that is, the materials will be published only after the editor has approved. Or the editor can make comments or edits and bring the journalist to work on revision. The system of distribution of the rights of users of the site is very flexible and, if necessary, can allocate access to opportunities.
  • Possibility to reserve space for use of advertising, banners.
  • The site is unrestricted and can be supplemented in relation to the wishes of the customer.

       Our individual approach to developing a web resource will allow you to focus on the main thing – the creation, development and success of an interesting and wonderful information resource.

       All this gives you the opportunity to focus on the main thing – creating a beautiful and interesting resource.

Price from 7000hrn.