Information portal (site for news resources)

     What is the most important thing to create a media site, whether it’s a newspaper or a magazine? It is convenient to submit and place information. After all, people come to you precisely on the information, and how successful your project depends to a large extent on how quickly, easily and qualitatively you can place it on your resource.
     The site can be done on any management system, but it is better to use a solution designed specifically to create a media site.

Features of your site:
     First and foremost, this is the simplicity and convenience of journalists and site administrators:

  • Initially, the system was calculated for users with different levels of computer literacy, so the developers hid the moments where the author can do something wrong.
  • Very simple addition of information, including images, documents, audio and video files. Photo galleries are created automatically, you only need to attach files to the article.
  • Automatically resizing photos – you just fill the files as they are, and the system reduces them by itself.
  • All this allows you to fill the site with information very quickly.
  • Ability to create topics and unite your materials in one topic in addition to the traditional newspaper splitting of materials under the headings. This will allow visitors to easily read a newscast.
  • Such topics can be many, you add them to any article, section or even photos. When viewed, the visitor sees not only a brief description, but also all published materials.
  • Themes can be grouped into groups – for example, “Countries”, “Organizations”, “Personas”, etc., which makes searching for your site even more convenient.
  • Commenting and discussion. Built-in, with the announcement of the author of an article about recall or a question. Naturally, there is pre-moderation and post-moderation of messages.
  • Integration with soc. Networks (Facebook, Twitter) and RSS Feed Generation.

Editorial work:
     The system provides you with great opportunities to manage the editorial work:

  • A simple author only creates the material and sends it to the editor for approval. The editor can edit and publish, or send it for refinement with comments.
  • The editor can be assigned to the entire site or only to separate sections of the newspaper to evenly distribute the load.
  • New themes can only be created by the editor or all members of your project.
  • For each article is History – You can see who and when he made corrections to the material.

Technical details:

  • The system is perfectly optimized to work with a large number of visitors.
  • Caching not only HTML pages, but also images, CSS compression and Javascript files.
  • Very stable in operation, easy to update and maintain.
  • The system is fully documented, any programmer with complete documentation can complete your site.
  • Regular system upgrades – updates come out constantly, and security patches are released shortly after problems are detected.

Media site:
     Website for a newspaper can be created on any management system, but it is better to do it on that specially created for this task. Then you get the undeniable advantages:

  • Fast, powerful and easy editor of articles
  • Control of editorial work
  • Stable work of the site

     All this gives you the opportunity to focus on the main thing – creating a beautiful and interesting resource.