Landing Page

       Landing Page is a great tool for online sales. It has a much higher conversion rate than a site, and also allows you to lead a client on a predefined route. With Lending, the client will realize his problem and find his own solutions.

       If on ordinary sites a user can easily get lost in a large number of pages, then the Landing page contains only the necessary elements and nothing else. In this case, the visitor’s attention to the site does not distract from the offered goods or services.
Usually, such a site consists of a headline, a description of the goods or services, a video or a photo with the benefits of your product and order form. To reduce the time for reflection on such pages, often set timers that show the time until the end of a profitable offer.
       With Landing Page you can advertise any services or products.
       Frequently Landing page is chosen for such services as:
          – repair of washing machines;
          – selling watches;
          – sales of repair materials;
          – freight transportation;
          – repairs;
       Such a site is easily complemented by the wishes of the customer.