💡 The latest technologies can save not only time but also money. They are able to reasonably wake up, park themselves, entertain pets and protect you and your children.

For those who are experiencing a few extra pounds, after the Christmas holidays Ukrainian inventors have developed a dumbbell that counts the number of movements, and for better motivation – you can exercise by playing. This dumbbell was designed by an 11th grader. The young genius Bogdan Sas, together with his team, raised $ 40,000 a year ago to develop the development.

Another wonder of the latest technology is the Tesla S electric car – a five-door rear-wheel drive electric car manufactured by the American company Tesla Motors. Its full charge is 426 km. In the first two weeks after launch, 322 cars were sold. This car can even turn on coffee makers, washing machines, park on its own, and in order to drive 300 km, it only takes 20 minutes at specific gas stations.

And the works of remote control are already used in large companies in the world. They can carry papers, drinks and even talk to your boss instead.