(Укр) фото робочого столу elementary os

     Very cool operating system with a bunch of programs written for it, which with each issue pleases with its simplicity and thoughtfulness, despite the fact that it “eats” the laptop battery)

     Of course, like every product, it is not perfect. Many things can be “finished” if necessary, many things can be installed via snap, or borrowed from ubuntu, because this OS is based on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

     This time I had a problem adding a keyboard layout. I envy Americans that they work with only one layout, because it’s convenient) I simplified my life a lot when I switched to using only two layouts – Ukrainian and English. But there are times when a Russian layout is needed. This time a Russian-speaking colleague came to me and wanted to write a letter to the client, took her phone for this. I offered to write from my laptop, because it is much faster and more convenient, so I just needed to add a Russian layout. I went into the keyboard settings and added Russian, but at the same time I noticed that the keyboard layout indicator disappeared.. Read more

The designer of the web studio SEL.S has developed a unique solution for a cosmetology site.

    The color scheme uses soft and expressive colors of mint and fuchsia, which subtly emphasize the company’s cosmetic activities.

     Since the vast majority of users use a mobile platform for surfing the Internet, the menu is used in a mobile form. The menu does not interfere with the use of the site and, if necessary, appears when you click the appropriate icon.

     The icons of the company’s preferences are made of schematically clear marks that adorn the delicate colors of mint and fuchsia….Read more

What did the US Congress find out after talking with the heads of Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook?

     The monopoly of corporations forced the US Congress to take care of them. The interrogation went on for 6 hours. Are the CEOs of Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook really taking advantage of their dominant market privileges?

     During the interrogation, the companies were rather thoroughly investigated, and the antitrust committee itself admitted that corporations should be divided and held accountable.

From the general impression, the congressmen were well prepared and pressed the owners confidently and in places aggressively. The billionaires, on the other hand, looked less confident…Read more

Biggest Wi-Fi update in 20 years

     Officially opened a new frequency range for Wi-Fi – 6 GHz. The decision was made by the US Federal Communications Commission. This means that in a few months, users will be able to get even faster wireless Internet and more free channels for home routers.

     It is expected that devices will begin to support Wi-Fi 6 GHz by the end of 2020, so its introduction is just around the corner. On new devices, a special marking will appear – Wi-Fi 6E.

     6 GHz Wi-Fi will use not only a new series of radio waves, but also free…Read more

Man’s dream management

     Scientists at the University of Massachusetts have developed a device to control people’s dreams using smells and sounds.

     The device has the appearance of a glove with appropriate sensors to control muscle movements, heartbeat and electrical conductivity of the skin. Sensors obtain information about the phases of human sleep. When the state of hypnagogy, which is an intermediate stage between sleep and reality, the device transmits an audio signal consisting of a single word – which characterizes the image that a person sees in the air. 50 experiments were conducted, all of them gave a positive result. Dreams are also influenced…Read more

Engineers will teach smartphones to “sweat” for self-cooling

     Shanghai scientists are working on a cooling system for smartphones that will actually make devices “sweat”.   Scientists have created a special sorbent that separates water vapor and removes heat from the device. The material absorbs moisture…Read more

A dangerous asteroid will approach the Earth

     In February, an asteroid with the number 163 373, whose diameter, according to astronomers, ranges from 440 to 990 meters, will fly near Earth.

Although the collision of this asteroid with Earth is unlikely, NASA attributes this object to potentially dangerous.

     The asteroid, discovered on October 23, 1995, will approach our planet at a distance that is 15 times the distance from Earth to the moon. Next time, this asteroid will fly in relative proximity to Earth on August 6, 2075. Asteroid 163 373 refers to the Apollo group, that is, asteroids whose flight paths intersect the Earth’s orbit….Read more

In the US, the first augmented reality lenses were created

     The new invention will also help people with low vision.

Silicon Valley startup Mojo Vision has created a display that provides night vision, oxygen saturation, microchip and energy management tools, and even developed eye movement tracking algorithms. The lenses will now give people timely information, freeing them from having to look at the screen or distract from the conversation.

     It is noted that the lens screen will only be visible to the wearer. If the user is looking to the side, there are…Read more

From frogs: engineers first created work from living cells

     The robot is an artificial body of living cells that can be controlled.

Robots made of skin and heart cells taken from frog embryos were assembled into stable forms, designed by a supercomputer and placed in a petri dish. The skin cells give the body a shape that resembles a drop with four “legs”, while the cells of the heart pump blood inside the organisms and help them move.

     Each robot has a length of about 1 mm. Scientists call the development “xenobots”…Read more

Ilon Musk promises to employ 1 billion people on Mars

     By 2050, Musk plans to build a Red City on Mars. To smuggle in the number of people, Musk plans to build a fleet of 1,000,000 Starship interplanetary starships, a prototype of which SpaceX unveiled in September. Each crew can carry up to 100 people.

     Ships will only leave for Mars during 30-day “windows”, when the orbits of Earth and Mars are approaching as closely as possible. This happens every 26 months, so you have to ship every day…Read more

💡 Microsoft will invest $ 1 billion in green technology

     According to the technology giant, by 2030, the corporation will be completely carbon-neutral. At the same time, by 2050, the company promises to remove as much CO2 from the atmosphere as has been released since Microsoft was founded in 1975.

     “Today, the world is facing a severe carbon crisis. If we do not limit our emissions and the temperature continues to rise, the results will be devastating. This is what science tells us. These are decades of urgent action…Read more

💡 New technology in economy is not only an hour, but a penny.

     You’ll stink wisely, wake up self-confidently, park your courage, and keep yours and your children safe.

     For quiet, hto vidchuva decіlka zayvih kilogramіv, pislya іzdvyvyah holy ukrainian vinikh_dniki have broken a dumbbell, yaku rakhu kіlkіst rukhіv, and for the shortest motivation – it is possible to exercise, graziuchsya. Qiu dumbbell chopped 11-class. Young Genius Bogdan Sas at once with his team rik that they selected 40 thousand dollars for the deed…Read more

Sony Corporation is a media company producing a high-quality, modern electric car.

     To answer your question: no, you won’t be able to buy the Sony car. Not any time soon, at least. The company has no plans to mass-produce the Vision-S, the car it surprise-announced at the end of its press conference at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, nor does it plan to do a limited run.

     Instead, the Sony Vision-S really exists somewhere between a concept and a prototype. Like a concept, it’s meant to showcase the ideas Sony has for the world of cars. But like a prototype, the car actually works.

     There’s actually a long list of those ideas … Read more