Biggest Wi-Fi update in 20 years

     Officially opened a new frequency range for Wi-Fi – 6 GHz. The decision was made by the US Federal Communications Commission. This means that in a few months, users will be able to get even faster wireless Internet and more free channels for home routers.

     It is expected that devices will begin to support Wi-Fi 6 GHz by the end of 2020, so its introduction is just around the corner. On new devices, a special marking will appear – Wi-Fi 6E.

     6 GHz Wi-Fi will use not only a new series of radio waves, but also free, bandwidth. This will reduce the number of overlapping signals. In the new range, there is enough space for simultaneous broadcasting of up to seven Wi-Fi streams with maximum bandwidth.

     It is worth noting that technically Wi-Fi 6 GHz has the same theoretical maximum speed as Wi-Fi 5 GHz – 9.6 Gb / s.