Competitor TikTok from Facebook will be launched in 50 countries

     Facebook will launch an analogue of TikTok – Reels service. It will work on Instagram and will initially be available in countries where the authorities want to ban TikTok.

     Reels will allow people to record and edit 15-second videos on which you can overlay music and other videos. In total, the service will appear in 50 countries. This will happen just a week after the company began testing its platform in India. However, the official launch date is still unknown.

     “We always look at what users want, we always want to innovate that will improve the experience of people on our platforms. Other social networks are quite big competitors, but we are sure that Instagram is unique and meets the requirements of our community. “

     In addition to Facebook, YouTube is also developing a competitor Tiktok – Shorts, which should be released by the end of the year. However, none of these companies have yet made public official comments about the launch.