💡 The designer of the web studio SEL.S has developed a unique solution for a cosmetology site.

     The color scheme uses soft and expressive colors of mint and fuchsia, which subtly emphasize the company’s cosmetic activities.

     Since the vast majority of users use a mobile platform for surfing the Internet, the menu is used in a mobile form. The menu does not interfere with the use of the site and, if necessary, appears when you click the appropriate icon.

     The icons of the company’s preferences are made of schematically clear marks that adorn the delicate colors of mint and fuchsia.

     The services have eye icons, which again emphasizes the company’s cosmetic direction.

     And the unobtrusive slider at the bottom of the site shows site visitors the latest in the field of cosmetic services, which is followed by the company.

     A separate logo and selected fonts have been developed, which are accurately combined with the color scheme and content of the site.

     You can visit the site and get acquainted with the services at –  estet.pl.ua