(Укр) фото робочого столу elementary os

     Very cool operating system with a bunch of programs written for it, which with each issue pleases with its simplicity and thoughtfulness, despite the fact that it “eats” the laptop battery)

     Of course, like every product, it is not perfect. Many things can be “finished” if necessary, many things can be installed via snap, or borrowed from ubuntu, because this OS is based on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.

     This time I had a problem adding a keyboard layout. I envy Americans that they work with only one layout, because it’s convenient) I simplified my life a lot when I switched to using only two layouts – Ukrainian and English. But there are times when a Russian layout is needed. This time a Russian-speaking colleague came to me and wanted to write a letter to the client, took her phone for this. I offered to write from my laptop, because it is much faster and more convenient, so I just needed to add a Russian layout. I went into the keyboard settings and added Russian, but at the same time I noticed that the keyboard layout indicator disappeared. Of course, the first reaction was to delete the newly added language, but that did not change the situation. Mr. Google did not help me in this either.

     It’s a trifle, but it’s a kind of inconvenience in everyday work and I wasn’t going to put up with it. Found a way out – created a new user – the indicator is in place, everything works. But the curiosity is this) So I added the third layout again and got the same result again. Of course, it is strange to expect when repeating the same sequence of actions of another) This time I did find a solution – it turns out that if you just delete all the languages and then add – the indicator will appear in its place.

     I hope this text will help users of this OS. In the future, I plan to develop the topic of small, but no less useful things for this operating system.