By 2050, Musk plans to build a Red City on Mars.

     To smuggle in the number of people, Musk plans to build a fleet of 1,000,000 Starship interplanetary starships, a prototype of which SpaceX unveiled in September. Each crew can carry up to 100 people.

     Ships will only leave for Mars during the 30-day “windows”, when the orbits of Earth and Mars converge as closely as possible. This happens every 26 months, so every day you have to send at least three missiles to people. In addition to the inhabitants of the colony, you must also send building materials and equipment – only about 100 kilotons, 100 tons in each rocket with people.

     The population of the colony, according to Musk, at this rate will be formed in 10 years. For all of these people, Musk promises to build a Martian city where “work is available to all.”

     To realize his plans for colonizing Mars, the businessman is accumulating resources on Earth. So, in mid-January, Tesla electric car maker became the most expensive company in the American auto segment in history: its capitalization exceeded $ 81.3 billion.