Creating an online store is the right approach to business development, to expand the market impact and predict the global future. Web Studio “SELECTOR.SPACE” has experience in the development of successful online stores, which are aimed at increasing customer sales.

       This is one of the main areas of work of the studio, because electronic commerce has become part of our present and is actively developing in the Internet space both in Ukraine and around the world. The customer will receive a modern shopping channel, through which you will be able to sell goods or services to a large audience 24 hours a day. We will provide the store with a modern content management system (CMS), which will allow you to independently update information and bring new products to the store without having a certain qualification and without spending money on the services of a programmer. We constantly monitor the trends of modern Ukrainian and foreign online stores, monitor the latest tools and their methods of promotion and implement, test the technology of convenient use so that our customers always achieved their goals in business and borrowed top positions in their own segment.

       Creating an online store begins with a detailed technical specification (TOR). The technical task of the online store describes in detail the functional and technical requirements, the requirements for performance, security, administration, integration with other systems, the calendar plan of work. After the drawing up and approval of the TOR, the stage of programming of the Internet store begins. At this stage, the work is carried out by programmers who create a storefront functionality, set up a control system, make test data, set up a code.

       The next in the list is the stage of creating an online store design, working out the internal pages of the site, the shopping basket, the general catalog of goods and other templates of the site.
After site layout, the installation of an online store for hosting is carried out. Web Studio “SELECTOR.SPACE” provides hosting for its customers at attractive rates.

       The final stage is the delivery of the project and the training of the customer’s personnel to work with the store. Upon completion of work on the store, a separate contract begins the stage of promotion of an online store in search engines and its further service.

     The main and almost main goal of the online store is to make a profit.