Perfectum CRM - developer of CRM, ERP, Retail, Project systems

Зображення логотипу Perfectum CRM - Розробник систем CRM, ERP, Retail, Project

Perfectum CRM is:

  1. Business automation
  2. Increase sales
  3. Control and systematization of the workflow
  4. Improving customer service
  5. Management of the company via mobile phone


  1. Available CRM + ERP for any business
  2. National product with Ukrainian language
  3. Thinking UI / UX interface
  4. Work on some outbuildings

Choose the perfect solution for yourself

Cloud solution

Complete freedom from restrictions

Box solution

Any changes to the system and integration

System capabilities

Freedom from restrictions

  • Unlimited number of users
  • There are no unnecessary restrictions on data and functionality

Ability to do everything “for yourself”

  • It is possible to customize the design
  • It is possible to change the style and colors
  • It is possible to redesign the interface

Complete data security

  • Perfectum CRM is stored with you
  • All data is protected
  • No external access

Any integration

  • Integration into any necessary service
  • It is possible to add any functionality
  • It is possible to rework the logic of work

The main functionality

1. Leads and sales

Allows you to maintain a database of leads companies list and Kanban with the ability to integrate on the site.

2. Billing and online payments

Introduction of accounting for customer payments, invoicing, payment control, payment through online services.

3. E-mail client

Module for working with e-mail inside Perfectum CRM + ERP. sending and receiving letters

4. Business Process Designer

Adds the ability to design and run the required business process using the capabilities of Perfectum CRM + ERP

5. Personal account of the client

Providing a personal account for the company’s clients with the opportunity to take an active part in projects, tasks, tickets, documents, payments and much more.

6. Projects and tasks

Conducting projects and tasks broken down into stages

7. Accounting for working time

Allows you to track time spent on tasks of all employees and make payroll by hour

8. Customers and contacts

Maintaining a customer base, as well as all financial, postal and contact details of the company

9. Boundless integration

Thanks to a powerful platform and a boxed solution, Perfectum CRM + ERP allows you to write any modules for interaction and adaptation to

10. Support system

Allows to implement support service for the company’s customers with differentiation by departments and with the possibility of integration into the company’s website

11. Goals

Setting different goals for the sales department for the required period (execution of X-agreements, Y-income, etc.)

12. Chat between employees and customers

Personal and group correspondence of employees, department with the ability to share files

13. The structure of the company

Building departments, keeping a section of all employees with cards, roles and all working data.

14. Knowledge base

Building a catalog of articles, instructions for company employees

15. Document flow

Maintaining an archive of all company documents with the ability to link to each client.

16. Appearance settings

Ability to customize the appearance of all sections of Perfectum CRM + ERP menus, buttons, font, etc.

17. Calendar of all processes

Powerful company calendar, with the ability to filter any process

18. Commercial offers, invoices, expenses

Huge section for sales with automatic invoicing, commercial offers, payment control, etc.

19. Results and statistics

The section allows you to collect statistics of the company, each department, employee.

20. Email distribution

Ability to create and send templates to the customer base and to individual groups.

21. Log of all operations in the system

The log of operations (log file) is designed to record the history of all operations performed in the system

22. Composition

Section for screening and product management.

Additional functionality

  • Push notifications
  • Automatic backup
  • Ukrainian interface

  • Export data to PDF
  • Mobile application

Integration with other popular services



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