The siteof a business card       

The site of a business card is business card is a company site, where information is available about its activities, services provided by the company or products that sell. And also contacts and basic data that will be useful to interested visitors. As a rule, the site contains up to five pages. Despite the small size of this site, it will become an effective advertisement worthy of your company on the Internet, access to which will be around the clock. This will be a brief, meaningful information in the form of a presentation of your business.
       A simple, concise and at the same time an informative website-business card will tell about the activities and benefits of your products or services, promotions or simply favorable terms of cooperation.
       Design for such a site is created for each individual, according to the corporate colors and style of your company.
Despite the fact that such a site is one of the simplest, has no additional investments and units, its order is an effective solution for both private entrepreneurs and large companies.
       Qualitative design will highlight your site on the Internet among others. Convenient editing in the admin panel saves you money on additional services, because it comes down to working with a regular text editor that any computer user can handle.
In turn, SEO-optimization will ensure that people find you through search engines.
       Estimated website execution time of 10 days. Price from  3000hrn.