Site directory

       Site directory is required for a company that wants to display a catalog of products to its potential customers in a convenient and structured way. In many respects, such a website has similarity to the website of the online store, but in turn it does not have a shopping cart to order and make an online purchase. The catalog will contain detailed information about the product and the category it contains, which easily orientates the user about similar products to which he has shown interest.

       With such a site you will save money on maintaining managers who spend the whole day on calls to customers and orally spoke about all the company’s products. You can of course send a catalog, but usually the directory contains only a small amount of information about each product, not to mention the constant cost of printing it. The site catalog contains the deployed information immediately and for all collected at a convenient address on the Internet.

       With this approach – customers will crap for you, because our web studio will provide the site with top positions so that your products can be seen by people when searching the Internet.

       Also, the goods and services provided by your business, which greatly extends the functionality of the site-directory can also be the products.
This site, like all other sites developed in the web studio “SELECTOR.SPACE”, is not limited to anything and may be supplemented. This is a great solution for the development of medium and small businesses. Order a site catalog means to provide your customers with regular (24 hours a day) access to price lists, product descriptions and to be timely informed about new events, news about which you will receive by mail and they will be ordered to be stored on the site.

       Specialists of the web studio “SELECTOR.SPACE” can create a site catalog, including all your requirements and suggestions. If necessary, you can connect to the CRM website for continuous and convenient customer service. You can also add an online chat that you will see on your phone.
       The terms of development of the site-catalog on average 25 working days. The cost includes FREE training!

       ​For more information, contact your contacts in a way that is convenient for you.

Price from 7000hrn.