The site of a business card is a full-fledged internet resource, usually consisting of several (1-5) pages that contain the basic information about the company, its activity, the offered goods or services, features and methods of feedback. The competently developed site-business card becomes a business card, effective advertising, a round-the-clock office, the face of the company on the Internet. The site-card will allow the visitor to make a certain opinion about your organization or company. Tasks of the Website Visiting cards – to present a company, services or product on the Internet. The site’s business card is a small presentation of the company and its services, and usually contains general information about the company, services, price list, requisites, scheme of travel, etc. Usually, such site is suitable for small firms or creative personalities.

     Creating a business card site allows you to effectively communicate yourself to millions of Internet users. This compact, simple, concise and at the same time informative site will tell potential clients about the company’s activities, tariffs for goods / services, promotions, ways of cooperation. On the site, everyone can find out how to find a company, how to contact her, and even leave an application.

     Creating a business card is a very important step for your business to grow your own business and get new customers in the Internet. This is an advertisement for your business 24 hours a day, or 24 hours a day.

     Creating a site-business card gives the company the opportunity to present information about itself, its kind of activity, products, etc. This is the creation of an information site a small volume and price. Website design of the site is special and individual with the use of the graphic images provided by you. The design of the site will perfectly match the style of your company.

     The most popular sections of the site are:

  • Home page
  • About the company
  • Goods and services
  • Price list (prices for goods / services)
  • List of types of goods / services
  • News
  • Contacts (feedback)

     Despite the fact that the site-card is the simplest site without the attached sections, its development becomes a very effective solution for both private entrepreneurs, service professionals, and for large companies.

     Main features of the developed sites:

  • The author’s design of the site will highlight your site from the gray mass of millions of sites.
  • The convenient administration panel of the site will allow even inexperienced Internet user to edit all information sections of the site.
  • Basic SEO-optimization of a site will allow to find a site in search engines (Google, Yandex).
  • Warranty maintenance of the website.
Deadline – 10 business days.