Website development


Creating an online store is the right approach to business development, to expand the market impact and predict the global future. Web Studio “SELECTOR.SPACE” has experience in the development of successful online stores, which are aimed at increasing customer sales. This is one of the main areas of work of the studio, because electronic commerce has become part of our present and is actively developing in the Internet space both in Ukraine and around the world. The customer will receive a modern shopping channel, through which you will be able to sell goods or services to a large audience 24 hours a day. We will provide the store with a modern content management system (CMS), which will allow you to independently update information and bring new products to the store without having a certain qualification and without spending money on the services of a programmer. We constantly monitor the trends of modern Ukrainian and foreign online stores, monitor the latest tools and their methods of promotion and implement, test the technology of convenient use so that our customers always achieved their goals in business and borrowed top positions in their own segment. Web Studio “SELECTOR.SPACE” provides hosting for its customers at attractive rates. The final stage is the delivery of the project and the training of the customer’s personnel to work with the store. Upon completion of work on the store, a separate contract begins the stage of promotion of an online store in search engines and its further service.

     The main goal of an online store is to make a profit.

Price from 5000hrn.

The siteof a business card

The site of a business card is business card is a company site, where information is available about its activities, services provided by the company or products that sell. And also contacts and basic data that will be useful to interested visitors. As a rule, the site contains up to five pages. Despite the small size of this site, it will become an effective advertisement worthy of your company on the Internet, access to which will be around the clock. This will be a brief, meaningful information in the form of a presentation of your business. A simple, concise and at the same time an informative website-business card will tell about the activities and benefits of your products or services, promotions or simply favorable terms of cooperation. Design for such a site is created for each individual, according to the corporate colors and style of your company. Despite the fact that such a site is one of the simplest, has no additional investments and units, its order is an effective solution for both private entrepreneurs and large companies. Qualitative design will highlight your site on the Internet among others. Convenient editing in the admin panel saves you money on additional services, because it comes down to working with a regular text editor that any computer user can handle. In turn, SEO-optimization will ensure that people find you through search engines. Estimated website execution time of 10 days. Price from  1500hrn.

Landing Page

Landing Page is a great tool for online sales. It has a much higher conversion rate than a site, and also allows you to lead a client on a predefined route. With Lending, the client will realize his problem and find his own solutions.

If on ordinary sites a user can easily get lost in a large number of pages, then the Landing page contains only the necessary elements and nothing else. In this case, the visitor’s attention to the site does not distract from the offered goods or services.
Usually, such a site consists of a headline, a description of the goods or services, a video or a photo with the benefits of your product and order form. To reduce the time for reflection on such pages, often set timers that show the time until the end of a profitable offer.
With Landing Page you can advertise any services or products.
Frequently Landing page is chosen for such services as:
– repair of washing machines;
– selling watches;
– sales of repair materials;
– freight transportation;
– repairs;
Such a site is easily complemented by the wishes of the customer. Price from 1500hrn.

Creating an “information portal”

The most important thing for a media site, whether a newspaper or magazine, is the convenience of posting and submitting information. Because people visit it just in order to receive information, to a large extent the success of your project depends on how you can easily and qualitatively place and update it. The site will receive the following features:
  • Simple and easy to use for journalists. You do not need to know any basics of programming or web development, any user can easily post news with text, photos and videos, enough skills to work with a text editor. You can also create a photo gallery or a selection of videos in a couple of clicks. No need to compress high-quality photos and videos, while downloading, they will be automatically compressed to the required dimensions without losing quality.
  • There is an opportunity not only to traditionally break the materials into sections, but also to create and unite materials on one topic, which will allow visitors to easily read the collections according to their preferences. There may be many things, you can add them to any article, section or photo. Now you can combine materials into groups that make searching on the site more convenient.
  • For all comments and discussions, the author of the article will receive a message, with the ability to make pre-moderation and post-moderation of messages.
  • Present integration with social networks (Fscebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • It is possible to provide the rights of the journalist and editor’s rights, that is, the materials will be published only after the editor has approved. Or the editor can make comments or edits and bring the journalist to work on revision. The system of distribution of the rights of users of the site is very flexible and, if necessary, can allocate access to opportunities.
  • Possibility to reserve space for use of advertising, banners.
  • The site is unrestricted and can be supplemented in relation to the wishes of the customer.
Our individual approach to developing a web resource will allow you to focus on the main thing – the creation, development and success of an interesting and wonderful information resource. All this gives you the opportunity to focus on the main thing – creating a beautiful and interesting resource. Price from 4000hrn.