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Автоматизація та систематизація бізнесу шляхом впровадження СRM системи

Automation and systematization of business

Національний продукт Perfectum CRM українською мовою

National product in Ukrainian

Perfectum CRM Integration Steps

1. Analysis

Each business has its own characteristics: excellent products, directions, customers and sales systems. CRM is a common tool, but it has sufficient flexibility and can be adapted to the specific needs of the industry. In order to automate a particular business, it is necessary to understand the internal business processes of the company.

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Аналіз бізнес процесів компанії для інтеграції СRM системи

At this stage we execute :

full analysis of the company structure, its divisions and employees;

we analyze the product or services, sales funnels, discount systems and promotions;

trace the sources of receipt of appeals and their processing;

we analyze the systems of control and motivation of employees;

the state of documentary circulation between clients.

Хthen does the analysis?

Our company has two employees who are engaged in analysis: a business analyst who conducts research on the company's business processes, and a system analyst who chooses the necessary cloud solutions and tools.

Зand the need for analysis can involve developers or the head of the partner company, who has the greatest expertise in the field of business analytics.

What is the result?

The audit of the company ends with the fact that a detailed technical assignment for integration is drawn up.

The document will include descriptions of the company's business processes, analyzes of sales funnels, identified means to achieve the goals, calculated the cost and profitability of integration.

Налаштування CRM системи для бізнес процесів компанії

2. System configuration for operation

We configure CRM according to the results of the analysis.

As a result, the manager must take the minimum number of actions to achieve the largest number of sales.

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To achieve optimal sales, you need to take the following steps:

    1. Include all employees in CRM to optimize sales.
    2. Set up e-mail and telephony connections to ensure full data integration with external communication channels.
    3. Expand the structure of departments, taking into account the organizational hierarchy and functional relationships.
    4. Set restrictions on access rights for each employee, ensuring that access rights are consistent with their roles and responsibilities.
    5. Identify the responsibilities and tasks of each employee, ensuring a clear distribution of responsibility and avoiding duplication of work.


    1. Determine what customer data we store in CRM.
    2. Add the necessary fields and make them mandatory.
    3. We will ensure the correct import of your full database of customers and potential customers to Perfectum CRM with duplicate control.
    4. We will ensure that all data is stored in CRM so that nothing is lost.

Sources of appeals

The list of channels from which new clients automatically get to Perfectum CRM:

    1. Phone call
    2. Email
    3. Social media posts
    4. Application on the site

All these channels lead to the Perfectum CRM system.

Sales funnel automation

In Perfectum CRM, sales include the following elements:

    1. Move the leads along the funnel to the "Successfully Completed" stage.
    2. Adjust the number of funnels needed.
    3. Configure the steps in each funnel.
    4. Establish the necessary actions for each stage of the funnel.

3. We implement

Nowadays, the number of programs for any task is almost unlimited. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We strive to integrate all business processes into one tool - Perfectum CRM + ERP. Thus, we will get a reliably protected control center for all processes and projects, their performers and flexible analytics.

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Впровадження Perfectum CRM як єдиного інструменту для ведення бізнесу

Communication with the site

Appeals on the site are automatically sent to the Perfectum CRM system and distributed among managers. UTM tags and visitor information are transmitted to further analyze the receipt of source calls from the case.

Working with telephony

All phone calls are recorded, conversations are recorded, new customers are distributed, and the current ones are immediately transferred to the responsible persons. We will provide a ready-made widget or develop our own solution for any telephony system.

Organization of mailings by mail

Your CRM contains the customer base and relevant data about them. The use of mailings as an additional tool to increase sales is effective. We suggest integrating Perfectum CRM with a mailing platform such as SendPulse and teaching you how to use this solution.

Single Case Center

Customers of your company turn to various means of communication, such as e-mail, online consultants, social networks, chat rooms and other channels. Thanks to Perfectum CRM, managers can communicate with them in one convenient window, saving all communications in one system.

SMS - distribution from Perfectum

We can activate SMS mailing services so that you can send messages directly from Perfectum CRM. We'll show you how to send personalized SMS messages to multiple contacts at once. In addition, we will set up automatic notifications for your customer base.

Workflow Automation

Creating typical documents is always time consuming, although almost all of them have the same format. Nevertheless, there are tools that automate the process of creating the necessary documents according to the template. Thanks to just two clicks, the document is created automatically, which saves hundreds of hours of working time every year.

Веб студія СЕЛЕКТОР.СПЕЙС проводить навчання роботі в системі Зerfectum CRM

4. We teach

Our training will allow you to achieve effective interaction with customers in the Perfectum CRM system. After completing the training, employees will feel sympathy for the Perfectum CRM system, will always have an understandable next step, will focus on completing tasks and save time.

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Customer Management

How to provide customer support from the moment of receipt of the request to the conclusion of acts? Why is it not recommended to conclude transactions without certain tasks? Why is it important to carry out most actions within the process of generating potential customers (leads)?

Telephony and mail

How can I receive an incoming call directly in the CRM system? How to make a call to the client from the contact card? Where can I find all the records of conversations with the client? How and where to send an email to the client? How to create a ready template for a letter? How do I send an email to all active customers?

Performance and reports

Which key figures should be monitored and how should they be used to calculate the key performance indicators (KPIs) of each employee? How do I create a single screen that displays the performance of each manager?

Tasks and their scenarios

What are the characteristics of tasks, how to generate them and how to process them? What is the meaning of orange and green circles? How to automatically create tasks according to a specific scenario?

Customer cards

How can you create a contact, company or ice in CRM? In which cases are contacts created automatically, and in which do you need to add them manually? Which fields are mandatory and which are optional when creating these records?

Information on CRM presets and dashboards

What numbers are displayed in the reports and how are they calculated? What other numbers and reports can be displayed in the CRM dashboard? Is it possible to change the logo and background image?

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