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Website development:

The site of a business card – a full internet resource, usually consists of several (1-5) pages containing the basic information about the company, its activities, the offered goods or services, features and methods of feedback. The competently developed site-business card becomes a business card, effective advertising, a round-the-clock office, the face of the company on the Internet. The site-card will allow the visitor to make a certain opinion about your organization or company. Tasks of the Website Visiting cards – to present a company, services or product on the Internet.The site-card is a small presentation of the company and its services, and usually contains general information about the company, services, price list, details, the scheme of travel, etc. Usually, such site is suitable for small firms or creative personalities.


Landing Page is a one-page site that performs one specific task. Developers should convey clear views to visitors, and encourage them to make some definite actions. Often used in online sales because it is able to focus the user on one product and not to let it go to the very end. More

Creating an online store begins with a detailed technical specification (TOR). The technical task of the Internet store describes in detail the functional and technical requirements, the requirements for performance, security, administration, integration with the other system, the calendar plan of work. After the drawing up and approval of the TOR, the stage of programming of the Internet store begins. At this stage, the work is carried out by programmers who create a storefront functionality, set up a control system, make test data, set up a code. More

Site catalog – a site that contains the widest possible information about the company’s products and is characterized by a large volume of pages, sections, categories, sections, etc. If you want to fully provide Internet users (potential customers) with information about your products, in this case, the site-directory is great for you. More

A corporate site is an important element in the communication system and makes it possible not only to convey information about your company to potential customers, but it can also serve as a highly effective advertising platform.

Website promotion. In the modern world, the site is the face of your business, but you need to make sure that your customers know about you. According to statistics, today on the Internet there are more than 300 million sites. It is your website that helps potential customers to find and select among all this multitude, website promotion, as a result of which the website occupies stable top positions in the results of search results for targeted queries. In this case, you can independently choose a list of keywords depending on the priority areas in your work or products.

What is the most important thing to create a media site, whether it’s a newspaper or a magazine? It is convenient to submit and place information. After all, people come to you precisely on the information, and how successful your project depends to a large extent on how quickly, easily and qualitatively you can place it on your resource.

Additional services:

-> setup of computer and network equipment

-> building a domain structure for enterprises

-> network configuration and protection as required

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