Landing Page is a great tool for online sales. It has a much higher conversion rate than a site, and also allows you to lead a client on a predefined route. There is no recipe to create the perfect Landing Page, but if you follow all the tips in this article, you can create an effective way to promote your product or service.

     With Lending, the client will realize his problem and find his own solutions.

     In ordinary sites, the reader is lost in hundreds (or thousands) of pages, and can click on the proposal, or maybe pass by. Unlike regular sites, the landing page includes only the necessary elements, and nothing superfluous. In this case, the reader is not distracted, and page developers actually “lead” him to the form of ordering a product (service) or subscription. Typically, a landing page consists of a headline, a product description (service), a video that shows the benefits of a product, user feedback, manufacturer’s warranty, product benefits and price, order form. To make a visitor think less, timers are often placed on such pages. Type, “the action will end in 5 days”.

     With the help of Landing, you can advertise virtually any services and inexpensive goods. Inexpensive, because to such one-page sites readers have low credibility. Agree, we’ll rather buy a mobile phone in a well-known Rosetka store than on some unclear one-page site. But on such sites it is easy to sell cheap Chinese goods or collect subscription bases. The landing page is chosen for: printing services, freight transportation, selling Chinese watches, led nozzles on the crane, e-book, repairing washing machines, renting special equipment and installing suspended ceilings.